The Meeting of the General Assembly of International Society for Medical Robotics will be held at the registered office of the Association in Zabrze, 345a Wolności Street  on June 10th, 2017 at 12.00 p.m.


Yours sincerely
Zbigniew Nawrat / President ISMR

Waldemar Pudlo / Member of the Board, Treasurer, ISMR


REPORT on the general meeting of the members of the International Society  for Medical Robotics

On 16/06/2014  a general meeting of members of the International Association for Medical Robotics was held.
The meeting was preceded by a seminar. For the first time ISMR seminar 'Advances in Medical Robotics' has been organized to discuss and assess the progress of work on medical robots of the research teams represented by ISMR members and to talk about the risk, hazard and development of this field.


REPORT on the general meeting 2013

Report General Meeting was held on 25.06.2013 in Zabrze at the ISMR headquarter which is located at the Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development. The meeting and the discussion was a continuation of the enthusiastic attitude of all founders and new ground-breaking decisions. The ingenuity and commitment of members of ISMR can be optimistic for the future.

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Raport z walnego zgromadzenia ISMR 2015

W dniu 15.06.2015 odbyło się walne zgromadzenia członków Międzynarodowego Stowarzyszenia na rzecz Robotyki Medycznej.

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Raport z Konferencji Roboty Medyczne 2015

XIII Konferencja Medical Robots 2015 poruszyła kwestie związane z realizacją robotów w różnego rodzaju zastosowaniach medycznych. Prezentowane były nowe projekty robotów chirurgicznych,  robotów stosowanych do diagnostyki, opieki i rehabilitacji.

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