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Medical Robots International Conference

We kindly invite you to our XIII Conference on Medical Robots held in Zabrze. The conference is organized by the International Society for Medical Robotics. In response to a broad interest among representatives of science, medicine and the media, the scope of our annual meeting of research workers, designers, constructors and users of robots will cover all robotized equipment used in medicine.

Originally the conference organized in Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development was inspired by the group of scientists and constructors of Polish surgical robot called Robin Heart. The project launched in 2000 included open conferences assessing the progress of works and gave the directions for numerous practical applications. Robin Heart project greatly contributed to the revival of medical robotics in Poland.

During the International ?Medical Robots 2013? conference a progress of surgery robot Robin Heart project development will be demonstrated. During the conference there will be a special session of the competition for young scientists for the "Statue of Robin" Jury award and the audience award ?Arrows of Robin?.

The conference will host the unusual guests and will provide an opportunity for a fair review of the rapidly developing science and technology.

Medical Robots 2015 conference will be held on 17-18 December 2015.

The first day of scientific conference on medical robotic will be open to all who want to partcipate. The next day a meeting of the Academy of Art Design Medical Robots - Academy ISMR, is closed, entrance only for members of the Association, active Medical Robots participants in 2015 (reporting work) and guests invited by the Association. At this meeting we intend to bring together experts in many fields of science - psychology and sociology by specialists in industrial design and other arts to the representatives of users - general medicine and medical services. We want to learn how to design medical robots that are useful and beautiful to meet the social expectations.

Best Regards
Zbigniew Nawrat
ISMR President

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